When I execute the install.bat file I got the following error: python is not recognized as an internal or external command, why?

This is because you do not have Orange installed on your machine or because your Python installation folder is not registered in the environment variables, to do it follow the instructions given in the next link:\#setting-envvars.

Why I do not see the Goldenberry widgets in the Orange environment?

Make sure that you have downloaded the full Snapshot from Orange with Python 2.7 and required libraries. The executable file is usually named: orange-win-w-python-snapshot-hg-yyyy-mm-dd-py2.7.exe Its size is around 124 MB. The yyyy-mm-dd values depend on the day of the Snapshot.

I can not run optimization experiments with the Wreper Cost Function, I connect all the components but it does not run, why?

Make sure that you have provided the two input data sets and a Lerner factory to the Wreper Cost Function. Note that a SVM lerner requires that you select a Kernel function.

Why the Goldenberry SVM widget is slower than the Orange built-in version

This only happens when you are using a custom kernel function because they are written in python and they are slower than C++ built-in kernel functions.

I have loaded the Genetic Algorithm Widget, but the apply and run button are disable, why?

Make sure that you have conected and selected at least a Cost Function widget.

Why I can not use the Orange's built-in learners?

Unfortunately you can not use them because of design restrictions. The Wreper Cost Function needs a Lerner factory instead of just a Lerner. Nevertheless this version provides a SVM Factory widget which uses in behind the Orange SVM widget.